This is hard when you have “puppy fever” and think it should

Now I worry that I let that ruin our sex life. Sometimes we have fun, but a lot of time it’s really scary for me. Anytime anything is a little uncomfortable or intimidating for me, I freak out and cry. (My school, by the way, has the largest population of Arab students in the country, […]

I realise there’s a reason for someone to ask that

This came in a plastic bag inside a box with some lingerie. Before first use, you need to remove the seal under the dispenser cap. To dispense push one side of top down, another side will pop up. My fianc pretty much tackled me afterwards. If you are looking for a good story along with […]

Martin set out to make the story feel more like historical

Of course, there are also other cognitive effects besides just mood, not all of which will be as susceptible to the placebo effect. For example, without E my mind is very fuzzy and sluggish as it fights its way through; assuming this is a general phenomenon, we can measure cognitive capacity and see when it […]