No matter what the San Francisco Demons do they seem to cause

Making the decision which pair of Men’s Football Boots to purchase is no easy matter. Not only do they have to be tough, hard wearing, comfortable and stylish BUT they also have to help fulfil any number of goals (excuse the pun) including making you the world’s best Footballer ever to grace a pitch. No […]

Is well made with sturdy zippers and provides enough warmth

Do not, under any circumstances wring or twist it to dry it. It’ll mess up the shape. Rest it flat on a clean/dry towel and roll the towel up like a jelly or pumpkin roll and apply pressure to squeeze out the water. The very winsome Ms. Hecht and her husband, Adam Bernstein, a television […]

The results of this poll are a disappointing reminder that

People still fly the confederate flag because they believe it WASNT fought over slavery. They either never make the real connection that economic reasons was to keep their slaves and their money, or they simply refuse to acknowledge it. I have many friends who I’ve had this discussion with and they refuse to acknowledge. Realistic […]

Karnowski would drop in a hook when left 1 on 1 against a

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