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Many in the community may be disappointed or angry with our recommendation to vote “no” on this measure. It gives us no pleasure to do so. But principles of good governance commitments to voters, fiscal responsibility and transparency have to count for something. America’s first national park features more than 1,000 miles of hiking trails […]

With the stage all to itself

But of course, that was said too soon. Ed roommate drunkenly arrived. He was literally roaring in a drunken Neanderthal manner and started punching everything, including the TV and Ed. Set WeatherEnter City and State or Zip CodeFor Portland State football, navigating around the coronavirus figures to be tricky this yearFor Portland State football, navigating […]

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Leroy Robert “Satchel” Paige (July 7, 1906, Mobile, Alabama June 8, 1982, Kansas City, Missouri) was a legendary black baseball player who spent most of his career in the marginal and ill paying Negro Leagues because the color of his skin barred him from playing in the all white Major Leagues. Even though he toiled […]

Jail recorded phone calls support these accusations

(Cleveland was especially stricken. But when, last year, they finally faced up to it, they dealt with it beautifully, commissioning an investigation by an independent law firm, which concluded that two principal players had harassed or abused women, and also that the orchestra should have known this earlier, and should have acted on it. A […]